Blarm! – Show #84 (VideoCast #1)
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WankerGirl is Gaining and Losing
B – Look at Me!
L – Teacup
A – Stuffed Toys
R – Missing – One Vibrator
M – Coat
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16 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #84 (VideoCast #1)”
  1. Sneaker Peet says:

    OMG! Dana is cute all the time 😉 Damn you 14 year old boy in cute Canadian woman for teasing us!

    About sigarets (yes, I know it’s a pet peeve) fuck all the remarks on education, health and ‘right example to the yought’, it just looks lame. But we love you anyway 🙂

    Alright here’s a BLARM! factoid: just three more months and it’s your second BLARM!-cast birthday. Are there any BLARMicious ‘get to gatherings’ planned?

    For the record: no I don’t have crush … uhm, no … well .. no 🙂

  2. scifi_fred says:

    Awsome 🙂 more please

  3. Great googly moogly, Dana. I loved your first videocast, and I hope you keep doing them. Seriously, could you be any hotter? I think not. 🙂

  4. Parrot says:

    Take Off Your Top!!


    What do you mean this isn’t one of those live adult video chat thingies?


    Are you sure? … Damn!

  5. Adam says:

    I think Canadians secretly wish for the extinction of Polar Bears so we can safely repopulate the Arctic with Penguins in little wool scarfs. Or maybe we should try turning all the Polar Bears pink and gay like Fernando. They’d be too busy doing the hustle in Igloo Discotheques to bother hunting down their new fashionable Penguin neighbors.

    Why is your Peter Sellers so serious? Have you ever seen What’s New Pussycat? It has Woody Allen in it. He’s first movie, if I recall correctly. I think there’s more to Peter Sellers the pig than he’s letting on. The books and glasses and British conservative attitude are merely a facade for a more outlandish personality under the surface.

    Have you ever tossed your sheep?

  6. Missing from the comments but I’m still listening to every episode within a day or two of its release.

    I love bandwagons and when I saw how many comments the videocast drew I just had to jump on this one.

    BLARM is great and I hope you keep doing it forever and forever.

  7. Dana!

    I loved meeting your stuffed animals. Especailly the relationship between Fernando and Peter Sellers. Funny.

    I would love to hear the continuing miss adventures of Canada’s original “Odd Couple”.

    That being said, I think Peter Sellers was more wacked than he might have let on to the public. Did you ever see the Life and Death of Peter Sellers ( I know its fiction, but in the movie he was one tragic/ funny character. I recommend it highly if you have not seen it.

    Keep up the video casts even though I can’t watch them in the car. I think they are HOT!!!



  8. Cunt says:

    wow that was weird.

    it was unexpected.

    you are sexier than i thought.

    give me my weekly audio-episode.

    tea cup set.

    you should do a nude vidcast.

    not everyone has an ipod. blarm at home is weird.

    show us your vibrators.

    i like your mouth.

    give me my weekly audio-episode.

    i cant’t belive your voice has an body.

    i did not took your vibrator.

    kissing a girl with lipstick tastes funny.

  9. Loner says:

    Jesus fucking Christ! I know this is just more silly male slobbering but I was not
    prepared for how fucking adorable you are! Not like I thought you were shit in my mind before but wow. To see all the little facial expressions to go along with the comments was really great. I fell like such a lovesick puppy. Thanks. Don’t get that feeling much.

    Guys kinda look like they are trying to be bad asses when they smoke and women always look a little cunty. Nothing you can do about that really. It did look a little silly though:)

    I also thought it was kinda funny how you not exactly nervous but some how slightly more reserved…no thats not it. I don’t know something. A little more self aware maybe but not enough to change what you say but enough to have a little bit of a smiley smirk on your face.

    You should do another one when you feel like it this one rocked!

  10. teresa c. says:

    you do look hot (well I might as well say it, or else it will be just guys commenting!)
    but was it me or did you look a bit.. I don’t know… camera-shy? (and I’m not talking about getting undress or anything like that – just a differnt ton of voice or something like that).
    well, nice job! thank you!

  11. neednewepisode says:

    f*ck, where is blarm 85??

    you should stop doing vidcasts if you skip an podcast for it.

  12. Love the Vidcast!! I Heart WankerGirl in every format!

  13. indy says:

    this is cool that you did a vidcast, and you are flat out hot.

    Next time you do a vidcast, do an mp4 format – could not get the m4v working with my non-ipod mp3/video player.

  14. KnittyLynn says:

    You are adorable and so aware of the camera. You’d get going and relax, but then you’d kinda tense up, glance sideways and take a mental moment. 🙂

    I liked the Vid format but could understand how it would be more tedious/time consuming/stressful to prepare for them. Podcasting with a buzz and mussed hair in your pjs on your bed is easy..but vidcasting..hmmm.

    Keep the BLARMS coming!


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