The Letting Go of Mr. Sheep
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Years ago I was walking in a grocery store and I noticed a sheep. It was coming up to Easter and he was randomly placed amongst the tacky Easter gifts. With one glance, it was love at first site. With a face like that – how could I resist!

mr sheep

For years I have cuddled, squished and leaned against Mr. Sheep. I would watch my niece (who was around 6 years old at the time) jump on top of him and scream “LAMBY!!” There were times I would ignore him and he would collect dust as he hibernated in the back of my closet. But without fail, I would go back to him and squeeze him to a pulp.

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Now that I am moving to a new smaller house I have had to let go of a lot of things. Overall this has been relatively effortless. I am not one of those people who clings to things. Its quite common for me to throw things out and forget that they even existed in the first place. But Mr. Sheep is different. I really love Mr. Sheep and deciding to let him go has actually been really hard. I don’t even know why! Even as I sit here typing this – I have a lump in my throat. But I guess we all have to grow up eventually. And I know Mr. Sheep deserves a home better than the one I would give him.

Where exactly will Mr. Sheep go? Who knows! I am sending him off to goodwill – where I hope someone finds him and spoils him with hugs.

I know….this is so utterly cheesy. Someone slap me! But if you allow me to be all sappy right now – I swear the normal foul-mouthed WankerGirl will be back next week. (Preview: Boobs! Fun Bags! NIPPLES!)

So..bye bye Mr. Sheep. I love you.

P.S. God damn! It certainly was morbid to see him wrapped up in a garbage bag.

Mr. Sheep in bag

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