Blarm! – Show #2
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Listen to me babble on about everything and nothing at 12am at night.

B – Beginning – I’m Back!
L – Likes – Breakfast in a Restaurant
A – Alarm – Maroon 5 Sucks
R – Rude – Tampon Drunks
M – Curling – Go Canada!

Note: I am still trying to figure out my sound levels so forgive me for my amateur sound. It’s due to my stupidity.

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One Response to “Blarm! – Show #2”
  1. Jake says:

    “Stories of poo and
    stories of pee…”

    WOW!! I am hooked! Your podcast is the real deal. I love it!! BLARM Alarm: Maroon 5 DOES suck! Thank you for putting it out there. Yes!

    I’ve never tried getting drunk though my butt, but thanks for the explanation. Interesting…

    Curling rules!!
    (What do you think of speed skating?)

    – Jake =)

    P.S. I am looking forward to #3! Woo!!

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