Blarm! – Show #77
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WankerGirl Wants a CUCK

B – Weather, Rain, Dog Balls, Birthday Bus
L – Chris and His Comment
– On My Bedside Table
– If I Had A Penis
M – My Mouth, User Comments, Podcast Alley
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4 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #77”
  1. Chris says:

    Hi Dana,
    Wow, Thank you for reading my email on your podcast! I really do like you too, and your podcast. I am so glad you took my comment the way way you did!
    And, right now…I’m listening to you talk about blowjobs and anal sex, wait I’ll be right back……………There. I’m okay now.
    Thanks Wanker girl. I think I love you now!

  2. Chris says:

    Hello again Dana,
    I just finished listening to the podcast and no, I didn’t really go and masturbate, (I did get a bit of a stiffy though). (:>)
    Well, if I had a vagina….actually when I first was entering puberty MANY years ago I used to say that if I was a girl I would just be a total slut and fuck the poor short boys like me as much as they wanted! Well, now as a much taller adult I guess I wouldn’t be a slut, but you know what? If I did have a V…I think I would masturbate a lot. It’s just so fuckin HOT when women do that, right!!
    Good showWG.

  3. Oregon Chad says:

    If I had a vagina,
    I’d move to the Northern Clima,
    I’d celebrate having a slit,
    I’d finger paint my clit,
    with red white and blue,
    and a maple leaf or two,
    I’d take it with me on a wet September day,
    let the St.Johnnies inside to keep ’em from the rain, eh?
    but what good is a dry place? I’d say,
    I’ll think of Dana and OMG, hey!
    Wet all about my twat, am I gay?
    no, just a boy with a cunt, who needs his dick back,
    so he can Wanker while contemplating that Girl’s crack.

    — O.C.

  4. Cunt says:

    DANA !!!

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