Blarm! – Show #76
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WankerGirl Is Wishing This Show Didn’t Happen

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– A Drunken Rant
– Soggy Biscuit
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7 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #76”
  1. Phil says:

    I’m intrigued and concerned at what’s upset you so much. But don’t lose your sweet, genuine, innocent nature, WankerGirl! Keep that. People appreciate that, it will work out for you in the long run.

    Incidentally, extensive research has been conducted on Soggy Biscuit here:

    I’m not at liberty to discuss the best blowjob I ever received. It isn’t related to Soggy Biscuit, though.

  2. manu says:

    GOD, I was going to give you all sorts of shit and call you all sorts of bad names but now I’m listening to #76 and I feel like you need a hug, a hug? yes you need a hugggggg. ……all right, fuck that , your letting shit get you down and that aint right…….you dumb ass mother fucking pussy!!!!!! you cock sucker…. you fuck!! you look like a slapped ass!!!! your the rock,,,,,don’t falter,……… sometimes people need to be kicked in the pussy, and it seems that this is the time to do it.( joining you for a smoke) I’m rootin for you cause I’m usually the one in your shoes walkin down the street half drunk cursing like a sailor and feeling sorry for myself for not saying exactlly what I felt. Your such an articulate woman and I think you owe it to yourself to take that next step and go there with “that” person and really say what you want to say….put the clamp on and don’t give an inch…….gOd!!!!jusst do it….I got your back girl…..
    So I just started listening to you today at work…….I listened to 5 shows in a row and if there were more downloaded I would have listened to more, puked more and whacked off like 10 more times…….. You have such a shit voice…and you really go on about nothing, its criminal really. Your dithering ass should be locked up with a hug me jacket …LOL. I loved your story about the underwire just giving it up……One of my girlfriends had a similar incident………. the truth is, the bra has a huge responsibility in this world. Being a firm supporter of the breast, 🙂 I am always up for going bra shopping. For one, its just kind of sexy to go shopping with your girlfriend to find a lacy soft beautiful article that will be coming in close contact with two of my best friends! Two, I get good practice hooking and un hooking the strap in good light. For some reason (note I’m pretty dexterous with my hands) when it comes to the time to un hook the bra, in the heat of the moment, I always seem to get caught up on one of the hooks?…….. I honestlly understand the inner workings of the bra attachment mechanism, and mind you I’m not 18, but I feel like I am everytime this happens……? What is the deal? Does this happen to you with guys? Is it that we get all butter fingers right at that moment because we know we are going to get some? I guess I’m usually drunk, or, well I have usually had 1 or 3 by release time…..that could be part of it. Anyway, what I was getting at was you were talknig about your relationship with your bra back at 38 or maybe 41 and you were noteing how important the underwire was and how little atttention is paid to it……fuck I’m making no sence at this point.(its late) I just started thinking about breasts…..and my mind just stared to go kinda blank….god I hate being a guy sometimes…..we are soo predictable… ohhhhh, I meant to comment on your idea of men gong to heaven…… your idea of that was lots and lots of big fluffy lacy conttenie bras in a millon colors and sizes ect ect, and we just got to play there all day…..Well, thats not bad, but I would have to say that heaven for me would be, falling into actuall cleavage. climbing out and finding the nipple peak, resting for a moment before falling back into the vally of breast. Do you see it?
    OK enough on breasts….OHHH wait, whats your size, you might get a presant. No, not cookies.
    Favorite bj….thats just going to have to be another time. I have things to do , places to go……. hmmm well no, I think I’m just going to listen to one more episode and go to bed….how lame is that? Fuck your wreaking me WankerGirl. So I’m off, love to hear from you, but your so popular now being a pod star……your like going to be signed and shit. Well you should, you have a shit voice and all, and no one likes to listen to you….
    Well, as my Aussie friend would say, BONZA MATE! BONZA.
    Fuck off ! quit trying to talk to me ya kunt. 🙂 Manu in SF

    Ohh and lets get one thing straight, I know how to make a girl happy, I have references. OK…. got that out of the way, now we can be friends.

  3. Chris says:

    Well, I think that was the worst fucking podcast I’ve ever heard. Sorry, but you really suck when you are whiny, smokey, & drunkey. Go eat a soggy biscuit bitch!

  4. Sneaker Peet says:

    Feel better soon Dana.
    No more biscuits for me anytime soon.

  5. wankergirl says:

    Yes? I am Dana 🙂

  6. teresa c. says:

    hey, just be yourself and FUCK THEM ALL. 🙂 nice people come along as well (may I quote wanker girl talking about Nicole?) big kiss from Portugal!

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