Red is the Color of This
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My gorgeous (and brand new blogger) friend Alicia recently tagged me “it” in a friendly blogging photo game. The rules? Post photos of 7 red things found in your house – then tag others to do so. So without any delay here is some red from the land of Wanker….


This poinsettia refuses to die. I stopped watering it around New Year’s.
I am concerned it’s already dead – turned into a zombie and at
any second will devour my brains. Its the only logical explanation.


I like dresses!


Dear mom, you are so awesome for giving me a tape dispenser
in the shape of a high-heeled shoe.


This vacuum is #1 of the 3 vacuums I own.I bought it many years
ago and it has a very temperamental personality. Sometimes it works
splendidly and other times it tells me to fuck off.


Is a sea of cheap jewelery and hair clips,
I have to admit I love my red ones the best.


Naughty knickers!


My new nails make no sense.

Ok Miss Something….you’re it!


2 Responses to “Red is the Color of This”
  1. aliciae says:

    i LOVE your new nails!

  2. Nicole says:

    You stealthy minx! Luckily I read your blog ;P
    Done –

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