Road-tripping My Ass to SXSW
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A few weeks ago, my lovely friend @gypsybandito contacted me with a perfectly insane and brilliant idea. Simply stated, he wanted to have a road-trip from Montreal to Austin, Texas.

Why Austin? Every March, Austin hosts the SXSW music, film and interactive festival. I could babble on and on about SXSW and why its so fucking awesome but you can just visit their website to find out more.

Every year I try to get my ass to Austin and every year I FAIL. Last year I put together a 25-page proposal in the hopes of getting funding to go. Its funny how 25 pages of hard work can be destroyed by one short rejection letter. Oh I am SUCH a victim.

Anyway, this road-trip adventure is called Roadcamp and you can find out more at As well, you can view the mildly incoherent video I made below – it sort of explains it all.

If you have and questions or if you are interested in helping us out (we are looking for sponsors!) you can contact us here.

Vroom Vroom!


One Response to “Road-tripping My Ass to SXSW”
  1. GAME ON. this is it. gotta go for it now to drive some sponsoring…

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