Blarm! – Show #53
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WankerGirl is in the Chair

B – New York God Dammit!
L – Drunk Rude Guy
A – 5 Things I Am Crap At
R – Boobies At The Gyn
MJack Comment, What is Sexy?, Passport, Go Daddy Promotion

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One Response to “Blarm! – Show #53”
  1. Selman says:

    Oh my god, Wankergirl. I am so totally having the same experiences as you have with the drunk guy. Except, I’m the one who wants to have random sex with hot ladies for the only other reason that sex is guuuud and phine….. Don’t you miss it ?

    Today I worked on sampling Ricola candies at a mall, and my colleagues were SMOKIN’ hot girl, good lord I felt so lonely there…in the mall, with my candies…

    Second, I was at the gym once, and there was a man who I vaguely recognized from somewhere…And this guy just pulled down his underwear and there was his ass hanging there, saying hi to all the other guys in the room. (btw, I never got naked either at the gym of at school of whereever, just like you…)
    So back to the guy with the ass. A few months later school started, and this guy was my freakin teacher for a new subject…..OH MY LORD, i saw him buttnaked in the gym, and there he was, standing before the class, and I could just undress him with my eyes…He had a smooth ass btw, just like babyskin….I dont know if he shave or not….

    Anyway, that my life for now…hang on there Wankergirl ! Just keep looking at the boobs and imagine doing dirty things with them….

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