Blarm! – Show #52
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WankerGirl is Bummed Out

B – Feeling Bad, Flamenco Lessons, Snow Day, Good Neighbour
LLate Xmas Gifts from Nicole
A – Answering Damphlett’s Email
R – Online Sex
M – Red Hair For Me?, IRiver Update, Go Daddy Promotion

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3 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #52”
  1. teresa c. says:

    Hi Dana! I’ve just listened to the last 3 shows on a row and do you what?, it totally rocks. So here are my notes on the last shows:
    First of all, happy happy 50th!
    Go with that new year’s resolution! Speak your mind, that’s cool – and sexy. (My opinion – I guess I feel sexy when I do it.)
    I’m more into tango – I would try to dance it, if only I could drag some of my male friends to escort me.
    Nice present! Can’t you advertise that vibrator? It would be much ruder that an innocuos domain register, wouldn’t it?
    And let’s not do the breakup issue – ok?

    Bye now – chuack!

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m all for the red hair, but I think it needs to be a tad less muppet than ‘Run Lola Run’, a nice dark mahogany perhaps. So glad you loved the gifts!


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