Confessions of a Wanna-Be Hostess
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Christmas Eve Feast!

I have a confession.

There is a tiny part of my personality that likes cooking, entertaining and wearing an apron! Even more shocking is I think this tiny part is slowly becoming a medium sized part. That’s right…the idea of cooking up a feast and serving it to a house full of guests gives me a tiny boner. (Insert sound of shock and horror!)

This past Christmas Eve, I once again dove into the task of cooking dinner for my family. 10 people stuffed their gorgeous butts into my apartment and without any MAJOR disasters, I was able to:

  • Fill their belly’s with macaroni and cheese (View Recipe)
  • Please them with chocolate pudding filled cupcakes (View Recipe)
  • Give them wine, Guinness and punch
  • Accidentally burn their mouths off with some aggressive jalapeno poppers. Opps. (View Recipe)
    Fortunately this spicy event did teach me two really important lessons: 1) Watching my family in mouth watering pain is fucking hysterical; 2) Jalapenos BURN going in and coming out

Every year when I cook this dinner I always end up feeling wonderfully accomplished. When its all over I take a quiet moment to sit, reflect on the dinner and take a shot of any alcohol that is in arms reach. Nothing says “job well done” like some vanilla vodka! This year, in addition to taking this quiet moment I also took a moment to give thanks to the woman who truly inspired this years feast. “Average Betty does for home n’ cooking what punk did for rock n’ roll” and Average Betty is who I turned to when looking for Christmas Eve recipes. So, lets raise our glasses (and our skirts) and send a CHEERS to the hottest cook in the kitchen!

Now that the Christmas hustle and bustle is starting to calm down, I am realizing that I want to spend more time in the kitchen. If you were to look under my Christmas tree at the moment, you would see my 2 most newly prized possessions: a new set of dishes and two casserole dishes. (Thanks mom!)

So if you want. And if you are a nice person. You can totally come over to my house and I will make you cookies. Below is a sneak peak 🙂


5 Responses to “Confessions of a Wanna-Be Hostess”
  1. I want cookies!!! but im not a very nice person =(

  2. averagebetty says:

    WooHoo! Happy New Year, Dana! The thought of you and your guests sitting around in burning jalapeno bliss is a vision of sheer holiday joy… those poppers are addicting, aren’t they? Thank you so much for trying my recipes (on your friends and family, no less!) and making this kick ass video. You RAWK!!! xoxo
    P.S. wangergirl averagebetty collab in 2010!!

  3. averagebetty says:

    LOL *wankergirl* What’s a a wanger? Wait, I don’t want to know 🙂

  4. aliciae says:

    Somewhere in my ‘adult life’ and i use that term loosely, I have also become culinary. My whole life my mom cooked huge delicious meals for more than 10 people for the holidays and now that I’ve attempted it myself, i don’t know how the hell she ever pulled it off so damn seamlessly! The hardest part I find is keeping everything warm or trying to get it all to finish around the same time so it doesn’t have time to cool off too much. I’ve being glued to the food network for the last three years and now I feel like I finally am ready to conquer cooked meets other then chicken breasts, steaks and pork chops. I’m going to try my a beef or pork tenderloin and see how that goes, haha Perhaps we’ll have to have a dinner together!


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