Blarm! – Show #49
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WankerGirl Thinks About Xmas and 2007

Candy Suckage

– Xmas Events, Gay Dancing, New Word
L – Robe and Socks
A – Listen to Lemuria
R – Getting Dirty With a Pole
M – Xmas Comments From Paul and Dave, Turning 50, Yippee to 2007

Ending Music By Steffen Coonan   
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One Response to “Blarm! – Show #49”
  1. Sneaker Peet says:

    Happy new year! Lots of happiness, fun, sex and some other cheesy wishes to you and all BLARM! listenerds!

    Socks and robes rule! A pleasant boom to a robe is: you don’t need to wear anything underneath. That’s also the case with socks, but that’s not really …. uhm….. interesting.

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