Blarm! – Show #42
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WankerGirl Is Burping And You Will Love It

B – Full Belly, No Internet, Going Out, Giving The Eye
A – Flapper Map Victory!
R – The Sexy Librarian, Audio From Jim At Check This Out!
MSneaker FM, Beth Comments, Insult Requests, Off To Montreal

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4 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #42”
  1. Sneaker Peet says:

    Merry holiday! Have fun, you dog damn mother fucking cocker spaniel sucking asshole! 😉
    Nice one, by the way 🙂

  2. Zebulon says:

    You are collecting pubic hair to knit mittens. Surely you would be better off knitting a muff out of that pubic hair…?

    Breast implants
    Can I direct you to the strange story of Brian Zembick from Canada?
    Not because he got 38C breast implants for a $100,000 bet – although that is weird enough – but for the minor sidenote in the story concerning the curious effect torches have upon the breasts with implants. Apparently, if you put a torch up against a normal breast in a dark room and switch it on, the breast doesn’t glow. But if there is an implant, then the breast lights up. Worth an experiment to confirm if you find someone to answer your other breast implant questions, I’d have thought.

    Have a good holiday, four-eyes. 🙂

  3. Dred242 says:

    It’s sad to admit but I have never seen a Sexy Librarian in any of the libraries that I’ve entered….ever! The libraries here in San Jose CA are also void of “The Sexy Librarian”, as they are all far from being sexy, and in most cases not even good looking……bummer.

    Sexy Librarian #1

    Sexy Librarian #2

    Sexy Librarian #3

    Sexy Librarian #4

    Sexy Librarian #5

    Sexy Librarian #6

    Sexy Librarian #7

    Sexy Librarian #8

    Sexy Librarian #9

    Sexy Librarian #10

  4. Anna says:

    I can totally relate to finding a successful bra! It doesn’t matter how expensive it is, as long as it works for you. After all, we wear them every day!

    Oh, and fuck you, you fucking fuck. Happy Halloween!

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