Blarm! – Show #38
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A Very Special BLARM – An Autumn Walk

B – Driving Class Victory, My Uncomfortable Questions Interview
L – Autumn and Everything Else That Exists
A – Graveyard Love and Zombies
R – Butt Sex And Butt Shit
M – Random Stuff In Front Of My House

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3 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #38”
  1. Sneaker Peet says:

    Nice walk 🙂 Next a speeded-up version with video?
    How steep are the hills over there anyway? I also pant a bit when walking, but this seemed like a marathon up the mont blanc 😉


  2. Somebody says:

    I loved this show Dana. I have your improvised song blaring from my apartment window to the loving people below. Gotta prop the speaker on the window sill a little better. Ooop, it stoppped. Better put it on loop before I go to work.

  3. The walk outside was brilliant! Thanks for the neighborhood tour. 😉

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