Teddy Bear Badness
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I am in love with teddy bears. Some would say this love is just verging on weird….

Then just two days ago I saw yet another teddy bear at a local department store. teddy

As soon as I saw him my heart melted and I fell madly in love. This bear is MASSIVE. Larger than my butt! I was so overwhelmed by the sight of him that I actually fell to my knees in the middle of store. I cuddled into him, squeezed his head and declared that all I needed was his cuddles to keep me happy. My mother (who was shopping with me at the time) looked at me with confusion, giggled and then stated firmly, “Get off the floor Dana.”

But even right now I wonder¬† – should I have bought that magical bear? Is it normal for a 32 year old woman to buy herself a 700 pound teddy bear? Probably not. BUT! It wouldn’t be so weird if somebody bought him for me!

So I Declare Right Now. Whoever buys me that bear can totally have my virginity!  (Humour!)

Note: Meet the teddy bears/sheep that I do own in BLARM! Videocast #1


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