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After finding this on Etsy a few weeks ago I realized my obsession with robots has really gotten out of hand. But before I continue lets take a moment to stare at the awesomeness that is the “Say Anything Robot.” My true love Lloyd Dobbler in robot form. It brings a tear to the eye and a boner in my pants. Zing!

I look at robots the way most people look at puppies. They make me happy and they sort of break my heart all at the same time. When I look at a robot I wonder what it does when I’m not around. I wonder if he/she/it is programmed to kill humans or to make pies. Or maybe the robot has a broken heart and its programmed to hug! In summary, robots make me curious about robots.

Hello Robot

I am not sure where this fascination came from but its been a constant in my life for the past 10 years. I think it started to truly take form when I unexpectedly painted a robot one night. The “Hello Robot” currently hangs on my wall and he pleasantly collects dust for me. So obviously – he is programmed for house work.

Hello Robot

Venus Robot

Venus Robot

In one of my past podcasts (Show #66) I excitedly told the story of purchasing my first robot toy. “Venus Robot” sits on the ledge of my bedroom window and falls over whenever there is a gust of wind. What makes this robot a real treasure is that she is a girl and she has boobs. I remember purchasing this robot and thinking to myself that she was the most unique and fascinating toy ever. I thought she was one of a kind. This observation was soon demolished when I found 100’s of her in a NYC store  – on sale for $4.99. So obviously – she is programmed for sex, breast feeding and deception.


Mr. Robot Necklace

I wear “Mr. Robot Necklace” around my neck with pride. He is made out of a recycled vinyl record and I often wonder what song he would play . If only I could find a record player that plays robot shaped records! But just today I decided to pretend that he was made out of the AC-DC album Back in Black or possibly Hall and Oates Greatest Hits. I guess I will never really unearth the musical mystery of “Mr. Robot Necklace”, but that’s OK because at the end of the day he tickles my cleavage and he’s programmed to ROCK! (Insert guitar solo right here.)

Robot Clock

Mr. Robot Clock

Finally, there is “Mr. Robot Clock”. This robot is the most ridiculously loud of all my robots. His ticking took a while to get used to and I am still unsure how to set his alarm. But those tiny details only add to his romance and mystery . I have come to realize that his tick-tocking nature is the sound of his heart and his alarm will never go off because he wants to me have a good nights sleep. On Mr. Robot Clock! You are most definitely programmed to charm.

So before you go….listen to my Robot Love Music Mix!


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  1. Traxxas says:

    This has got to be a healthy obsession! As long as you aren’t building robots that will take over the world!


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