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I LIKE THE INTERNET! I also really like Skor bars but for once lets not get distracted by my sweet tooth. This is a internet-centric blog entry. For the past few months I have found myself taking note of any articles/blog posts that have really captured my attention.  And just like a highly contagious case of herpes – I am gonna pass these links on to you. Cause I love you that fucking much.

Men Don’t Fancy Funny Women

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This article paints a pretty grim picture for any woman out there who can tell a solid “knock-knock” joke. It seems that generally speaking, men don’t find women with a sense of humor attractive. As well, most men “see being funny as a male thing,”. Oh dear oh dear…

In short, this article depressed the fuck out of me. I have often considered myself to be a little funny. Well actually…really funny. Just last night I told a guy a funny story about how I accidentally got poop behind my finger nail and I thought it was chocolate. It was funny cause it was true!

I guess I always thought that my funny side actually made me MORE attractive. I thought guys would want to get to know me better because of it. How crazy is that! Sometimes my sugar-fueled brain really is off the mark. Its the complete opposite. But at least it explains my lack of boyfriends in high-school. And collage. And in my 30’s. Sigh.

So teenage girls of the world! Listen to me now! If you want a boyfriend! Stop being funny. Actually stop talking all together. Remember, open your mouth only for blow jobs…and never for jokes!

Hot Geek Sex

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Finally my attraction to geeks is starting to pay off. A recent study done by showed that computer geeks were indeed the best lovers. “They were found to be the most selfless in the sack, the most adventurous and more likely to use love gadgets”

Did you hear that! They like to use “love gadgets”! Now I pretty sure all of you know that the key to many a woman’s heart – is actually a vibrator with rechargeable batteries.

But lets face it – this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Geeks like gadgets – be it an iphone or a pocket rocket. If only the technologies were combined!

The Science Of Love

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And of course – no blog post could be complete without at least one link to a Ted Talks 🙂

Helen Fisher studies love. In particular – she studies what happens to your brain when you fall in and out of love.

Fisher put 32 men and women into a brain scanner : 17 who were happily in love and 15 who were just dumped. Through these studies she discovered the various components to love, which are lust, attraction and attachment.  All of these things can cause the body to freak out. The most cliched of reactions actually do happen when you are in love – you get a pounding heart, there is shortness of breath and of course the romantic boner in your pants.  (ZING!)

Some might think the scientific analysis of love would somehow take all the mystery out of it. Or somehow make it a little less special. But in actual fact – its the very opposite. Fisher discusses how the feeling of “being in love” is without a doubt the most important and powerful emotion us silly little humans can muster up. New love makes us feel like absolute champions and the loss of love can utterly disable us. No other emotion has that power.

So I could babble on forever and try to explain every aspect of Fishers findings but I really wouldn’t do it justice. So go get a cup of tea, sit back and have a listen.

Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza

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Without a doubt – the greatest thing I have ever seen.


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  1. Big Phil says:

    I disagree, I love funny women. Of course you should open your mouth for a blow job, but only after you’ve cracked a joke about the size of the penis!

    BTW, are you ever going to record another podcast?

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