5 Things I have learned in the last 24 Hours
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1. Putting on a Corset by Yourself is the Saddest Thing Ever

Before any burlesque performance I go into a odd state of intense preparation. This preparation usually includes the close inspection of nylons, the sewing of sparkly things and the painful process of applying fake eyelashes. Sigh….it really is a tough job. A few weeks ago I purchased a lovely new corset (Thank-You Ebay!) and it was my plan to wear this corset when I performed my first solo routine. Well..let me just express to you what it is like to put on a corset all by yourself. These devices of gorgeous torture are usually hooked together in the front and tied together in the back. The process of putting one on is long, detailed, sweaty, painful and a little humiliating. When this process is taken on by yourself and only yourself – its results are comedic in the saddest of ways. Picture me in my bedroom, boobs firmly shoved into my neck. I have no ability to really bend in any direction and somehow I have to find a way to reach behind me, grab onto the ribbons in the back and tie myself into this thing. Overall..the experience was frustrating and soul destroying. And sort of hot. But I mean this in a strictly sexual manner. ZING!

2. I Am A Highly Irritable Bitch

This morning I bitched to a friend that they IM’d too slow. I actually complained that I had to wait too long for them to respond. WTF! What is wrong with me? Oh Mr. Tuesday…lets hope you teach me some manners and offer kind words of advice. As well, Mr. Tuesday could you give me $50 and do my laundry? No? Great! Another day of the week is my enemy! Me and Sunday do not get along at all. That bitch owes me money! BOOO!

3. A muffin is a cake in disguise

Don’t fool yourself people. Even with its promises of bran and fiber, we all know it. A muffin is a a cake! A very tiny cake! But without the icing….or sprinkles. Actually – a muffin is the homely cousin of the much beloved cupcake. The cupcake was a cheerleader in high school or even the lead of the school play. The muffin was in band and the A/V club. Poor muffin….will you ever get a boyfriend? SIGH!

4. Teeth Touching is the New “IN” Fetish

See proof below.

Elbow Snuggling is now out. SNAP!

5. Lesbians + Sci-Fi = WIN!

So, I stared watching the television show TorchWood. Every morning I put on my make-up and start my day with a piece of BBC made Sci-Fi. Well, halfway though my eyeliner debacle this morning I noticed that two chicks were making out on my laptop screen. Holy fuck – it was hot! Did Battle Star Galactica have lesbians? Did Babylon 5? Well man oh man…they should have! The moral of this story is this….I think I want to have sex with aliens. BOW CHICKA BOW WOW!


4 Responses to “5 Things I have learned in the last 24 Hours”
  1. FireVaney says:

    Wankergirl is HOT and SPICY! I wanna pour her all over my interwebs and savor!!! 😛

  2. To be fair Just about everything is better with lesbians. I think BLARM should have lesbians.

    That wierd knitted alien thing is awsome!
    …..would be better with lesbians tho *sigh*

  3. As an alien myself, I was intrigued by your #5 entry…. 🙂

    As for Torchwood, I think they have every possible pairing of men, women and aliens (of all genders) represented at some point in the series. So they tell me, anyway. Personally, John Barrowman has one of those faces I just want to troutslap again and again and again….

  4. Ennev says:

    Ivanova in B5 had a lesbian relationship in the serie.

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