Blarm! – Show #16
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Phil Joins Us In The BLARM Fun!

Pink Hair and Fish Face

B – Easter, Phil’s Voice, New Site Design Soon
L – My Pink Hair!
ASaskia – A Girl Is Listening
R – The Search For Porn
MJake Comments, Matt Comments, etc.

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4 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #16”
  1. ManlyGeek says:

    Wanker Girl,
    Your fish face is so life like its scary. Where you perhaps a gold fish in a prior life? 😉

  2. I don’t know who i am anymore…. 😉

    Another great show, I should have been more specific in my VM. I don’t normally see the lines when a girl is wearing jeans (unless they are TOO tight), but pants or shorts(any color) Most of the time the line is visible. Not always a bad thing. And I agree, Guy’s probably notice it more just b/c we’re always looking, but what then why does Ashley notice them too? lol.

    -Matt (i think….or am i mike?)

  3. the pink hair is awesome.

    oh, wait; you want insults. ahem.

    Your stupid pink hair is obviously a pitiful attempt to recapture your rapidly fading youth. Stop fighting it, Wankergirl. You are getting older every day. Old age, infirmity and dotage are waiting just around the corner.
    We all know you aren’t cool anymore. Stop trying to pretend that you are with “hip” and “punky” hair colors. Oh, sorry, I meant “colours”. How very, very sad.
    Resign yourself to the miserable fate that awaits you: infirmity in Squaresville Nursing Home.

  4. Jake says:

    Dana! Hey there. Thanks for playing my drunken audio comment. I’m glad it brought a giggle to your face. Ha ha!

    You mentioned that women must have something equivalent to porn. Yes, it’s true, men search high and low for porn and come up with all sorts of ways to obtain any glimpse of female nudity. For women, it has to be shoes – for the very same reasons.

    OK… I have to admit that when I first started listening to Blarm, I was in love with you, Dana, but… now that I’ve heard Phil a few times (in his funny voice and in his regular voice), I have to say that I’m really in love with Phil. He should be on the show more often, if not every week. In fact, he should have his own podcast. Yeah? I would definitely be a regular listener/contributer. I agree with almost everything he says. Almost… not the part about big underwear though. (Sorry!)

    Anyway, keep up the great work! I can’t wait to hear show #17. Woo!! And yeah, send me an audio comment already. Cripes!

    – Jake =)

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