Blarm! – Show #15
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Spend Another Anti-Social Saturday Night With WankerGirl

B – Weird Friends and Weird Dreams
L – Big Pants
A – Dentist Fear
RBoy and Girl Farts
MThe Manly Geek Show Promo, No Poo Picture, Me Being Crap, Be Mean To Me

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One Response to “Blarm! – Show #15”
  1. Jake says:

    Dana (You Cunt-Faced Whore who wears granny underwear),

    Thanks for another great show! =D

    I’m sure your carrot cake turned out perfect. You are quite the pastry connoisseur. Woo!!

    Are you still dreaming of your teeth falling out? It sounds stress-related. The petrol-filled dog in your dream could be a symbol of Phil. No? Just a thought. 😉 I know he gives you the “Dutch Oven” treatment every so often. Hehehe. Territorial AND hilarious! HA HA HA HA!!

    ::High-five’s Phil::

    Your musings on “Big Black Panties” and “Shit-Covered Thongs” were amusing, but… Big underwear on a female… *SEXY* ??? No way. Not even close. (Ask the fart machine. He does not lie.)

    And, oh yeah, females DEFINITELY produce stinkier farts. It’s not even a contest. The study you found on Google proved it. Right? Saying men have more *volume* when it comes to farts does carry some weight, I’ll give you that, but… females are without a doubt smellier in the backdoor exit region.

    No contest.

    You should hear the ladies at my work talk about the condition of the stalls in the female restroom. They discuss it everyday as though it were a science project. (Don’t women know how to flush??) I’ve also heard rumors about the zoo-like findings in the local Target and Wal-Mart Women’s restrooms. Not to mention Shop-Ko. What gives? Perhaps you should share your experiences with that, Dana. Rude, Rude, RUDE!!

    Ha ha ha. =D

    Seriously… what gives? Do women go ballistic when found behind closed doors in public restrooms? I’d love to hear your take on it.

    HAPPY EASTER and shit,
    – Jake =)

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