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Ok….lets face it, sometimes I really suck at podcasting. I admit it – I’m lazy! Sometimes the idea of setting up a microphone and editing sound seems as exciting as watching back to back episodes of CSI Miami. So it dawned on me that I could avoid the wires and cables of sound production and just write (as opposed to record) to my hearts content (but to my spell checkers dismay).

So as you read this you can just pretend to hear my voice. If you would be so kind…could you also pretend that I am coherent, excessively charming and understand the basic rules of grammar. Thanks darling 🙂

So without further delay……… its “WankerGirls First Ever Heart-On List!” (Cue the music and exciting dance routine!)

1. Madonnas new single “Celebration”

I love this song so much it makes me want to be a gay man.

2. Melody Mangler

A fellow Canadian burlesque dancer who is so freaking hot she literally gives me the vapors… all the right places (oo-er). I have looked at the video below countless times and I cross my fingers in the hopes of being half the dancer she is. All I need is her legs….and flexibility….drool.

3. Ketchup on Mac and Cheese

Some of you may question this culinary choice but I stand by this flavor explosion! Its yummy and its lovely and its makes pretty pictures! So instead of judging the unknowns…the bizarre….the weird. Go ahead and dive into some mac and cheese WITH KETCHUP. If you don’t like it we can still be friends….I just won’t respect you. Or have your babies.

4. Untitled Records –

I have always had a soft spot for music blogs. I seem to stumble upon them so unexpectedly and when I find one I like, I cuddle up to it like a soft pillow. So a few days ago (during a moment of melancholy) I found a blog called “Untitled Records”. A simple website that offers short stories of the authors life and then (of course) links to music. It was love at first site when I clicked on this blog – mainly due to the picture of dancing robots and a post about The Royal Tenenbaums.


4 Responses to “Its A Normal Blog Post!”
  1. Ennev says:

    Great post, almost hear your voice.

    Love the new layout!

  2. Yey! awesome! Its not exactly portable (to me anyways) but it beats nothingness.
    I usually listen to the podcast when im wandering around or when im in bed *straps pc to face* This is something ill have to get used to.
    Does this mean no 2 month delays?

  3. wankergirl says:

    No more two month delays 🙂

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