Blarm! – Show #114
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WankerGirl Is Here!

After much time spent apart I am back with a brand new show. In this episode you will hear about the general ins and outs of my life. This includes my my unending love for the new Star Trek film, my pornographic epiphany and my brand new vampire hobbies.

B – Random Notes, Burly Q Babies
L – Star Trek
A – Oh Dear..BITE
R Eon McKai
M – Germany, London, Podcamp Boston and Put It In Your Ears

Star Trek Ending Music by Andre Allen Anjos

Photo Credits: Jared Reid and  Sandra Lee Photography

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5 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #114”
  1. wankergirl says:

    Testing my own comments! Oh what fun!

  2. delboydare says:

    Hiya. Great podcast. Well worth the wait and no, we’ll never give up on you.

    Honest, wacky, witty and slightly shocking (erm… maybe a bit more than slightly… hrum!), but overall fun.

    Hope your journey to Germany goes well and can’t wait for the next Blarmcast.

    Best wishes, Derek

  3. Good to hear you again! I know nothing about Hamburg. I’ve spent some time in Munich and the Bavarian region. Good food and good beer. It’s hard to imagine going wrong anywhere in Germany.

    Nice trippy Star Trek music closing out. I like trippy music!!

  4. Jay the Homicidal Maniac says:

    Your alive! First Jake and Erin left my ears and then you go awol!
    Did we give up hope?!!!! maybe……Did i put all my wankergirl memorabilia in a trash can and burn it while i wept in a corner?…. we’l not get into that.

    Anyway if that old baboon from the lion king taught me anything i guess it doesn’t matter now its in the past or something similar.

    I couldn’t help notice you holding lucky charms on your flickr,its so not fair you don’t get them in Britain any more =(
    But yeah as always i hope all is well and that your trip goes well. Don’t forget to yell as loud as you can “Liebe meine abschmenkee!”

  5. loving the new look of the site! – nice job! 🙂

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