Blarm! – Show #11
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Speaking to the world in the middle of a Blizzard

B – Shredding and Review
L – Mr. Visa
APaul Sends A Comment, Shout-Out from Jake
R – Wankering A Wank, Lip Gloss and Laptops Promo
MPK and J Wrote Back, Another Lousy Day,

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3 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #11”
  1. self-aware, schmelf-aware, i say. your show is cool.

  2. Phil says:

    I was playing Football Manager, not Championship Manager.

  3. Jared says:

    Dana (Dana, right?)/WankerGirl,

    I’m addicted to your show… ADDICTED. Your page is on my bookmark toolbar. I crave your show. I love your intro song also. I had the lyrics on my MSN messenger nickname cos I’m a fucking geek like that.

    Blarm is a word that you’ve never heard *hums to self*

    But I just thought I’d leave you a comment because I’ve been listening for a while and have just been a “Lurker” not an “Active listener”.

    I love your crazy tales and Phil is great too. But next time he’s a guest….fuck…tell him to fuck off with that Show Ten voice of his.

    I heard about B.L.A.R.M. from Paul. Good friend of mine. Sort of. We’ve been talking for a number of years online and we live in the same city but we’ve never met! Beautiful, really.

    Oh and also I wanted to comment on your accent. You definately have one, I hear it when you say the word “Card”. You say Care-d.
    It’s almost Minnesota-ish. If you’ve seen “Drop Dead Gorgeous” you’ll know what I mean. But it’s less violent and redneck-ish.

    Anyway, I’m done what I needed to say

    (Another Vancouverite/Canuck fan. Keep up with this show, it’s amazing and if it gets “cancelled” in it’s first season.. I’ll be very upset.)

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