Blarm! – Show #10
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Its Show 10! Woo Hoo! The Longest Show Ever!

B – Show 10 and Phil Abuses Me!
L – I Love The PK and J Show!
A – I Am A Geek!
R – Boobies!
MPodshow Radio Promo, My World, Sign My Frappr Map, I-River Purchase

Note: Boobie Montage Music Is By Incidental Fusion From The Podsafe Music Network

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4 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #10”
  1. shawn says:

    where’s your accent.
    its a funny accent and since your on the rock you should learn it.
    awesome feedback on pauls podcast, congrats on #10

  2. wankergirl says:

    although I am from Newfoundland – I am still a city girl so I don’t have much of an accent – sorry to dissapoint you 🙂

  3. shawn says:

    i’ll get over it,
    now you have a lot of work to do to get to blarmcast #….2 ticks in the 10 box and 0 ticks in the units box.
    thats 20….
    take care

  4. vealchart says:

    wow. nice art you have made here (by art i meant your podcast) with all the fancy singing and music and stuff. colur me impressed.

    nice work!

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