Blarm! – Show #108
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WankerGirl Is Boxing In The New Year

L – Xmas
Grocery Store Music
Xmas Puke and Pity
RXmas Thongs
M – 2008 and Bloc Party
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3 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #108”
  1. Phil says:

    This was a really great show, Dana. Hope you can get them out a little more regularly in ’09 🙂

  2. Jay The Homicidal Maniac says:

    That horrible sound wasnt a truck going past, it was infact Bloc party.
    I dont think you should tarnish your show and the new year with this generic half ass’d attempt at music and start putting your own music back on the show!!!
    Just voicing my mind.

  3. We still love listening to BLARM. Great podcast Dana!

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