WankerGirl Probes a Conspiracy
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4 Responses to “WankerGirl Probes a Conspiracy”
  1. Rob Blatt says:

    You should change the name on your blip.tv player to say something. Even if it says “farts”.

  2. CT Moore says:

    So you’re saying that aliens want to get rich spitting in my bum?

  3. alexis says:

    OH MY GAWD! I could not stop laughing! It’s a perfect conspiracy story! . . . . you could make a claymation advert for “probe” which would take it over the top! A friend and I did a series (3) of spoof ads for a cereal he’s hooked on (follow link to my site you’ll find it there) it was loads of fun – I think we scandalised the locals.

  4. alexis says:

    . . . . sorry but after coming (no pun intended) away . . . I’ve realised that “probe” needs to have a subsidiary . . . “Tools” . . .I mean, c’mon ya can’t have the aliens probing your ass without the “tools” to do it . . . . .

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