Blarm! – Show #101 (VideoCast #3)
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WankerGirl is HOT HOT PINK

B – After 100 in the Mirror
– That 5 Extra Minutes
A – How to Dye Your Hair HOT HOT Pink
Lube Love
M – Liking, Podcamp Boston, Moving
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7 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #101 (VideoCast #3)”
  1. Nobilis says:

    I like the pink.

    Thanks for putting together a fun show.

    Be the geek girl. It’s good.

  2. tapps says:

    the hair dying segment was pure awesomeness 🙂 also, i’d love to watch josie and the pussycats with you.

    ps. it was awesome meeting you in boston.

  3. phil says:

    vlogging. wow, cool.

  4. Laura W says:

    Liking the pink too! Love the shows!

  5. Loved the hair dying. Brought on manic panic and dye memories/mishaps like the time I dyed my parent’s bathtub blue.

    And…awwww, puke, yay for your Misc. mention. I love you!

  6. Anthony says:

    Wankergirl!! Whats up, long time no chat. I was browsing some of my old links and saw a link to your site, so I decided to check you out. Well, you have upgraded to videocasts! Nice! You still look and sound lovely as ever! These episodes on video are just as lively and entertaining as your podcasts. Glad to see you are still doing these. Anyway, without getting too formal in these public arenas, hope you are doing well and great to see you again!

    – Anthony

  7. Gumby says:

    Why don t you cut yourself and call it a EMO show !!! Your life is spiraling downward anyway …

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