Blarm! – Show #89
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WankerGirl is Yawning in Winter

B – On My Bed Babblings
L – Sliding!!!
A – On a Frozen Lake
– Should You Have Sex on the First Date?
M – Comments, Dildo, Tattoo, Go Daddy
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6 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #89”
  1. Cunt says:

    yes i like being mean to you.

  2. wankergirl says:

    Why do you like being mean to me?

  3. Jay the Homicidal Maniac says:

    Because being mean invokes a reaction?
    Just a thought

  4. Cunt says:

    Because Jay the Homicidal Maniac is sexy.

  5. wankergirl says:

    Jay…are you sexy?

  6. Jay the Homicidal Maniac says:

    as sexy as a stoned polar bear
    …take that as you wish =)

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