Low Quality Photos at an Un-beatable Price!
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Every so often I look at my Blackberry and I sigh. Why do I sigh? Well lets just say the phone has its limitations and I have a tendency to use it when I am in the bath. But even with its slow processing and awkward ways – me and my blackberry love each other. We’ve been through a lot! So just a few weeks ago I was looking at this phone and I realized that I had never deleted a single picture off the phone. Yup…there are hundreds of low quality photos filling it up tight. So with a dash of curiosity and a bucket full of boredom – I finally had a look at all those pictures. Below is a tiny taste.


One Response to “Low Quality Photos at an Un-beatable Price!”
  1. Dave says:

    So you know damn well there is grant money out there for a project like this – do it!
    Remember giant girl on signal hill – she got almost 10 grand in all for that shit idea. And this is not shit and very relevant.

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