Blarm! – Show #86
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12 Responses to “Blarm! – Show #86”
  1. I cook for my wife. Not always gourmet, not always microwave. But when I make something good from scratch or my own recipe, I feel pretty romantic. I like cooking for her.

    I totally am there with you about how places and times can make you feel romantic. Although, there are plenty of times in my life – rather like your pretty views or the little girl licking the Christmas lights – that make me giddy but I’ve never felt that they were what I’d call “romantic”.

    I like the Jill Barber song. One of her other songs I like a lot is “Oh Heart” – she can swing a mean waltz. And I’ve heard a few Something Missing shows – looking forward to Spin the Bottle.

    Paul W.

  2. Romance is fine. If you’re a chick.

  3. BLARM is still my favorite podcast!

  4. Unknown Caller says:

    damn i hate it!
    get a new episode done you lazy wh*re.

  5. wankergirl says:

    Oh be nice! I am working on it 🙂

  6. Cunt says:


    are you in jail or what?

  7. Zebulon says:

    Guys… it’s the Winterval. Be nice(r).

  8. Marc says:

    By now I expect a huuuuuge Vidcast 😉

  9. wankergirl says:

    Hey everybody – I am working on a new show and a new videocast as we speak. Sorry for the delay. Xmas has been kicking my ass!

  10. SERAPHEEM says:

    what was the song playing at the end of the podcast?

  11. wankergirl says:

    The song is by Jill Barber and its called “Starting to Show”. Its from her album “For All Time”. You can learn all about her right here –

  12. listening right now. omg. how awesome. ;0

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