Doing It On Wheels

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Well holy jeeez – it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written anything. I know…I know…I’m a slacker. But be kind to me….I have been extremely busy eating, sleeping and making bad decisions. Tis the season!

Anyway – like everyone else on the Internet, its time to do the standard “Year in Review” blog post. The one where we look back and think about all the wonderful lessons we have learned. That’s right people….let the emotional music swell. Let the dramatic video montage begin!

Actually….the biggest lesson I learned in 2010 is that I need to take more video. So lets do this old school. I am gonna use my words!

2010 was actually one hell of a year. In my brain it seems to be split up into a few chunks. The beginning of the year was filled with upheaval and travel. Due to me having to unexpectedly move into a new apartment and me travelling to Europe. Yup , it is true. At the beginning of the year I was quite in love with a British lad. So I hopped over that pesky Atlantic for a visit.  As some of you know – I have/had a knack for getting myself into long distance relationships – knowing full well they drive you crazy and eventually run their course in a cloud of sexual frustration.

Walking away from that relationship made me sad…but it also made me feel like I had sort of grown up. Like somehow I had turned a page on something. That boy was so kind to me and he was EXACTLY what I needed. But I guess with a new found resolve I closed a chapter – dusted myself off and aimed forward.

So what is forward? Well I’m not sure but it included a lot of double Caesars. My new found home at the Duke of Duckworth gave me many smiles. I’m pretty sure I traumatized some bartenders and never won a single game of pool. But having a pub to call my own really is lovely.

I also started dating. Somewhat randomly. What did I learn from this? Geesh. Well I’ve learned that boys are flaky as fuck. As well, they love boobs. I know these lessons don’t seem tremendously insightful – but if you remember those two things, everything else seems falls into place.

But lets be serious folks. I could not talk about a single moment from the past year without mentioning the most important thing I did all year.

That’s right – in 2010 (Jan) I started my rocky career in roller derby with the 709 Derby Girls. The first day I put on my roller skates, I was so scared. Not only because I thought I was going to fall on my ass (Which I did in a spectacular fashion). But because I was going to do it in a room full of strangers. I wasn’t an athletic person. I wasn’t a competitive person. I rarely had a hobby that didn’t start with an appetizer.

Now flash forward to New Years Eve 2010 and I am in a room surrounded by piles of derby girls, their significant others, refs and just people I have met through the league. Whats so amazing about all of this is that I had no idea who these people were a year ago. Now I sort of can’t imagine them not being around.

On a professional level – I see these girls work their asses off on a weekly basis. Not only on the track but also just trying to make something out of nothing. Most people don’t realise the amount of work it takes to get a sports league up and running. They give me support when a guy stands me up, they offer me advice when I’m on the verge of making a stupid decision and they are always there to pinch my ass, tell me to fuck off or just make me feel awesome and pretty.

Every laugh, every bad joke, every drop of sweat, every oddly shaped bruise, every motorboat, every embarrassing Facebook photo and every burp that tasted like beer was derby influenced.

So…what does this all mean for 2011? I really have no fucking idea. My goals are sort of small at the moment. Lose a few pounds, try to have a stronger hip check and maybe just maybe….allow a guy to stick around longer than a month or two.

But when I woke up on January 1st 2011 I had two thoughts.

1. I’m happy
2. I really have to clean these sheets. Zing!

So hugs and kisses and even more derby love….