Summer 2010 was an interesting one.  Every single weekend was filled with something ridiculous and embarrassing. I drank on nights I shouldn’t have, I wore clothes that my mother would hate and I ate a lot of toast for breakfast (random!). I had boys ask me out, completely turn me down, never return my phone calls and text me for one night stands. I wore fishnets every second day, I learned how to transition from forwards to backwards on my roller skates and I rarely managed to sleep through an entire night without having a 3am pee. I swore a lot, wept over the loss of 2 computers, puked in a garden, laughed too much, stressed unnecessarily, ate my weight in hash browns, wore a lot of red lipstick, gave up caffeine, picked up caffeine again, dreamed of relaxing on sandy beaches and ended the summer in a hurricane.

I also ….

Got back on the burlesque stage and shimmied my glitter tits

Got lots of bruises

Spent my weekends in the park

Won an inflatable pink alien!

Played in a  REAL derby match

And attempted to bring the rain bonnet back in fashion

So lets raise our Double Caesars in the air and say goodbye to the summer with one solid gulp!