When I was 19 years old I was pretty much obsessed with all things England. I had posters of David Bowie and Blur all over my bedroom and I think at one point I made an England themed collage in a scrapbook. LOSER!

Now I am sure most of you are more than accustomed to my many tales of unplanned, unsupervised and unpredictable vacations. Just recently I tried to add up how many times I’ve hopped on a plane in the past 4 years. Obviously because math isn’t my strong suit – I don’t think I came up with an accurate number. Lets say 16? 20? -4? Would fractions work here?

Either way….no matter how many air miles I have collected, this time around I was going to be indulgent. I was going to have a 12 day vacation. I know….I know….I am fucking crazy!

So what actually happened in London? Well firstly, I didn’t stay in England the entire time. I spent a few days in Brussels where I literally lounged in a fancy hotel for 3 days. Go ahead and have a look at the highly pointless video that I made on the train – on my way back to the UK.

The entire trip is all a bit blurry in my head. I remember the stress of getting there and I remember the stress of moving as soon as I came home. But everything in between is this chocolate induced dream.

Why chocolate? Well for 3 days I was in Belgium and I believe I actually ate my weight in chocolate. I literally had chocolate with every meal. Now when I wasn’t eating chocolate I was getting a bath in the worlds greatest bath tub. You doubt this statement. Ha ha to your doubts! I got three baths a day. THE MADNESS NEVER ENDS!

In conclusion I am 5 pounds heavier. But 30% sweeter.

So here are the highlights of my vacation….in pictures!

Lloyd bought be a cupcake

I broke a screw driver

Wine Victory


Tate Modern


So god save the queen and all that bollocks!