Doing It On Wheels

Well holy jeeez – it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written anything. I know…I know…I’m a slacker. But be kind to me….I have been extremely busy eating, sleeping and making bad decisions. Tis the season! Anyway – like everyone else on the Internet, its time to do the standard “Year in Review” blog post. The one where we look back and... [Read more]

Peter Panning it

I started writing this blog post smack-dab in the middle of some serious PMS. Which I guess explains the over indulgent self analysis. So I guess I could scrap it…but what the fuck! Lets indulge for just a little bit. When you find yourself at the age of 33 (which I am) you start trying to make sense of things. You start wondering how the hell you got to where you are in your life. You... [Read more]

What I Did and What I Want

What I Did I Bought A PC Over the summer of 2010 I dealt with the harsh realities of technology. More specifically – dead technology. Within a 30 day span I saw the death of my precious MacBook Pro AND my first ever MacBook. So in an act of desperation, I called up a good freind for moral support and I did something horrific. SHOCKING. I bought a PC. Those are words I thought I would never... [Read more]

The Summer Wind Smells of Booze

Summer 2010 was an interesting one.  Every single weekend was filled with something ridiculous and embarrassing. I drank on nights I shouldn’t have, I wore clothes that my mother would hate and I ate a lot of toast for breakfast (random!). I had boys ask me out, completely turn me down, never return my phone calls and text me for one night stands. I wore fishnets every second day, I learned... [Read more]

Being Stood Up

Being stood up sort of happens in slow motion. At first you think you showed up too early. Then you think the other person is just a little late. But then…eventually… it finally hits you  – that fucking douche bag is not showing up. Yes, it is true. I was stood up. For approximately 45 minutes I sat in a bar – drank a pint of Guinness and waited for a guy who had no intention... [Read more]

The Geekiest Blog Post EVER

When I was a kid I remember staying up really late on Saturday nights –  watching the most random tv shows. Actually, if I am to be completely honest – I was usually looking for pervy foreign films (but that is a different story for a different day). Anyway, one day I was sitting on the floor of my basement clicking through the channels. I stopped for a moment to watch a really weird... [Read more]

Random Act of Cupcakes

Sometimes a random act falls into your lap. An act that is so awesome….so sweet…that you have to blog about it. (I’m a geek!) A few weeks ago on Twitter I noticed something in my feed that stuck out in my food obsessed vision. A fellow twitter-er @cupcakecowgirl asked if anyone would like some cupcakes. I honestly thought she was just being silly. For example, sometimes I ask people... [Read more]

Low Quality Photos at an Un-beatable Price!

Every so often I look at my Blackberry and I sigh. Why do I sigh? Well lets just say the phone has its limitations and I have a tendency to use it when I am in the bath. But even with its slow processing and awkward ways – me and my blackberry love each other. We’ve been through a lot! So just a few weeks ago I was looking at this phone and I realized that I had never deleted a single picture... [Read more]

Eat, Drink and Break Things

When I was 19 years old I was pretty much obsessed with all things England. I had posters of David Bowie and Blur all over my bedroom and I think at one point I made an England themed collage in a scrapbook. LOSER! Now I am sure most of you are more than accustomed to my many tales of unplanned, unsupervised and unpredictable vacations. Just recently I tried to add up how many times I’ve hopped... [Read more]

Cheerio Guvnor My Ass

The night before I departed for London I was a stressed out mess. The cause? Well, that stupid volcano in Iceland decided to spew forth its wrath over the entire isle of England. In a state of comedic agitation I would obsessively reload the BBC website in the hopes that I would see good news. But as each minute ticked by – one airport after the next was being closed. I felt like I was very... [Read more]